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Safety Leadership Workshops


Safety Professionals are uniquely placed to influence organisational safety and business performance as they are exposed to all levels of an organisation’s operations and levels of personnel from management to the new hire. Application of Organisational Psychology (Human Factors) principles and techniques to safety provides greater leverage to that influence. 

Safety Culture Development has a suite of workshops based on Organisational Psychology principles that are designed to assist Safety Professionals use their Influencing Skills to drive significant organisational change through safety leadership . They include:

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  • Safety Culture Development Workshop for Safety Professionals
  • Introduction to Organisational Psychology for Safety Professionals
  • Building Organisational Influence – Workshop for Safety Professionals  
  • Winning Hearts and Minds – The Influential Workplace Safety Professional Brochure 
  • Internal Consulting Skills for Safety Professionals,
  • Facilitation Skills for Safety Professionals
  • Coaching Skills for Safety Professionals

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Operational Safety Leadership for Managers and Supervisors



A two day workshop (for up to 20 participants) for supervisors and managers of those organisations aiming to:

  • Obtain buy-in and commitment to safety culture improvement;
  • Commit to strategic safety culture improvement;
  • Build internal capability to create and maintain long-term safety performance improvement;
  • Improve safety leadership performance;
  • Improve current safety performance and culture; and
  • Promote the importance of safety leadership. 

Target Audience

This course is ideal for personnel in all supervisory and management positions.

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Strategic Safety Leadership for Executives and Directors


Giving safety equal weight with other business priorities is a basic strategy for safety and organisational excellence. In our experience, the integration of safety into general business operations, along with the  leadership executives and boards significantly determines the success of the safety commitment.

Evidence from past safety and environmental disasters suggest too that decisions taken at senior levels in the organisation have an impact on strategic safety performance.

There are many examples of situations where the board and senior leadership espouse the vision and values, only to find that they are not being practiced within the organisation.  Examples of misalignment of vision and values include Enron, and, more recently in Australia several large financial institutions have found practices within the business that are not consistent with their publicly stated corporate values.

Safety Culture Development works with Boards and Executive Leadership to ensure alignment of the board’s expectations with the business safety culture and culture more broadly.

This workshop is designed to help executive leadership and board members to:

  • Align company safety vision and operations.
  • Integrate safety with normal business operations
  • Understand the need to assess the safety implications of business decisions.
  • Understand the conditions and methods required for the implementation of a strong, effective and ongoing safety management effort within an organization
  • Ensure executives and directors understand the health and safety risks of the business and what is being done to minimise those risks
  • Satisfy themselves that operations are carried out with the same rigor as financial assessment and management is performed.

This workshop can be modularised and can also be run internally.

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