Safety Culture Alignment Consulting

When having a conversation about safety culture and safety leadership, many leaders and safety personnel still think solely about a single cause – the worker doing the job and the tools and equipment they work with. Safety is much more than that. Leaders are responsible for creating and maintaining the organizational culture within which people work. This culture influences the behaviour of all employees. Recruitment and placement, staffing levels, performance management, promotion practices, rewards and incentives, contractual terms and so on, can all have impact on business safety. Safety Culture Development works with leaders to help them understand the impact their organisational culture is having on safety and to develop solutions to change or enhance that culture to achieve the desired outcomes. Our corporate solutions include:

Safety Culture Development works with companies to ensure that safety is aligned with their corporate values. Whilst we base our activity on our client’s corporate values, we are guided by our Safety Culture Integrity Methodology (influenced by the OECD’s “A Guidance on Developing Safety Performance Indicators Related to Chemical Accident Prevention, Preparedness and Response, Guidance for Industry 2008) that examines the following:

  • Organisation and Team Culture
  • Recruitment, Selection, Placement and Orientation
  • Integrity of Safe Work Processes (e.g. Use of Job Safety Analysis, Permit to Work)
  • Delivery of Performance Expectations
  • Continuous Improvement

Our broad approach to consulting projects is:

Assess the current situation through:

  • Safety culture surveys
  • Interviewing and observations guided by our Safety Culture Integrity Methodology:

Develop and implement solutions to close safety culture gaps or to ensure there are no future gaps.

Provide ongoing guidance on aligning safety culture with organization culture

Establishing key performance indicators measurement to ensure progress toward your goals

Provide ongoing monitoring to ensure sustainability

Safety Culture Alignment

We recommend that, in the first instance, companies determine the extent to which their safety culture is aligned with their organisational culture.  We use our Safety Culture Integrity methodology to guide our approach. To ensure we provide the best outcomes we can for our clients, Safety Culture partners with a leading culture survey company for Safety Culture Surveying.

Safety Leadership Coaching

Our experience shows that real change occurs at worksites where there is workplace support for personnel implementing change. Safety Culture Development provides worksite coaching support to assist personnel implement:

  • safety culture strategies. (We recommend there is coaching after our workshops to provide implementation support.)
  • leadership behavioral changes

Action plans specifically tailored to each leader and their site requirements

Safety Leadership Workshops

Effective leadership is ability to influence people to do see things from different point of view and to things because they want to do them because they see it as the right thing to do, not because they have to. We provide Safety Leadership development for both business generally and Safety Professionals specifically.

Safety Leadership for Safety Professionals 

Our focus is on developing the skills of Safety Professionals so they can influence the business to achieve business performance improvement through safe operations.

  • Safety Leadership Workshops
  • Influencing Skills Workshops
  • Facilitation and Presentation Skills
  • Internal Consulting Skills

and other workshops and coaching aimed at improving the Influencing Skills (leadership) of Safety Professionals. These workshops are provided both publicly and within organisations.

Safety Leadership Workshops for Businesses

Our Safety Leadership workshops are designed in consultation with organisations to meet specific needs. All workshops are based on experiential learning principles and therefore are “hands on”. As our focus is on achieving change, we always recommend that there is individualised participant or workplace follow up after workshop.

Safety Communication Workshops

Effective use of toolbox/prestart meetings, as well as other safe behaviour approaches such as Stop Work Authority require an understanding why people do the things they do and effective communication techniques. We provide specialised consulting and training in

  • Pre start safety meeting techniques e.g. Job Safety Analysis
  • Using Stop Work Authority effectively
  • Safety Conversations

and other safe work techniques.

Project Start-ups

During a typical project start-up there is often a spike in safety and production incidents and, as personnel become familiar with each other and their operations. Project start-ups can include the whole team or just the leadership personnel form all of the contracting groups involved.  Through our project start-ups the operational team develops business plan and commences that includes:

  • Agree the culture
  • Commence team building
  • Identify and have strategies to respond to culture and behaviour issues.
Skills development in using the agreed safety tools

We support the start – up operations through on-site support over the first few months of the operation.

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